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For business owners, marketers, and consultants looking to establish expert status and prime potential clients for the sales process, White Label Press offers a full suite of expertly researched, professionally written, prospect focused products. Ranging from full-length books to reports to blog posts, each product is ready to distribute and also fully customizable, allowing license holders to brand and modify materials to meet their needs.

Custom Content

White Label Press offers custom content creation services for businesses looking for specific content tailored to their individual needs. We can produce just about any kind of material, including books in print and digital format, reports, blog posts, autoresponder messages, social media posts, and more. Whether a client is looking for a single piece of content or an ongoing delivery schedule, we’re ready to get creating!


Sometimes a book is due, but you just don’t want to write it. Maybe the publisher is breathing down your neck. Maybe a conference or event is quickly approaching. Maybe your brand just needs a kick in the pants. Whatever the reason, White Label Press is there to help, offering professional ghostwriting services in the non-fiction field, specializing in business topics including marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

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Three Golden Rules for Marketing to Millennials Online

They’re the most tech savvy and digitally engrossed generation in the history of the world, and marketing to them the same way you would their parents is a surefire way to gut your ROI and render your efforts fruitless. Millennials, or Generation Y, are the generation born after 1980. They’re quickly becoming the most important […]

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8 Reddit Marketing Tips to Help Marketers Avoid Downvotes and Maximize Traffic

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the web, and its subreddits are thriving communities where dedicated members meet to share, discuss, and curate content on a daily basis. It’s also a marketers dream since subreddits exist for just about every niche imaginable. Unfortunately, Reddit can be a rough place for a marketer, […]

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You’re Not Just a Marketer – You’re a Publisher, Too!

Content marketing has been embraced by an enormous number of businesses and agencies due to how effective it is at engaging online audiences. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t realize that in the era of content as king, a new hat has been thrust upon them – publisher.   In addition to the tasks of old, like […]

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