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You’re Not Just a Marketer – You’re a Publisher, Too!

Simple Editorial Calendar Example

Content marketing has been embraced by an enormous number of businesses and agencies due to how effective it is at engaging online audiences. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t realize that in the era of content as king, a new hat has been thrust upon them – publisher.  

In addition to the tasks of old, like campaign planning and demographic analysis, marketers now also have to take on a number of unfamiliar tasks that were previously the sole domain of newspaper editors and magazine publishers. 

If you’re a marketer producing content for a client or your own company, it’s important that you recognize this new role and invest yourself in learning some of the tips and tricks that publishers have used for decades to streamline and steady their content production efforts. 

Staying ahead of the production curve is probably the most important tip. Spending Thursday deciding what to write and publish on Friday is a bad way to operate. The more lead time you have, the better off you are. That doesn’t mean content needs to be produced and ready to go months in advance, but it does mean the planning should be done well ahead of time. 

An editorial calendrear is probably one of the most helpful tools to keep everything in order day-to-day and project content needs well into the future. Your editorial calendar can be as simple or complex as you’d like to make it, but a simple Google or Outlook calendar is often more than enough. 

A secondary benefit of keeping track of content production in an organized calendar is that looking back on what you’ve already produced is a great way to help generate new ideas, and to avoid rehashing the same topics over and over. 

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of editorial calendars – and a number of other tips on how to wear the publisher hat – in future blog posts. For now, this is just a quick reminder that in the modern digital marketing space, where content rules all, you’ve got a second job that you’ve probably been neglecting!

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