Facebook Marketing for Local Small Businesses

Digital PDF / Print Capable White Page Report
12Pages (PDF White Page Report 8.5″x11″)
4291 Words

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About This Product: Facebook Marketing for Local Small Businesses is a fully customizable, professional white page report, ready to delivery digitally as a PDF or to be printed in 8.5″x11″ format. This report is designed as a promotional item and a primer to allow business owners, marketers, and consultants to both establish expert status and prime their prospects for the sales process. The report covers a wide variety of topics, including the case for Facebook; Facebook as a tool for branding, advertising, and customer service; building a loyal follower-base; avoiding pitfalls; building trust, and more. In each case, the content is designed to provide a basic education for the reader, priming them for further discussion. The report is fully sourced, professionally written, and a succinct, informative read.

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