Custom Contact Purchase Agreement

By providing payment to White Label Press for custom content, you agree to the following contract between you, the purchaser, and White Label Press, herein referred to as WLP or the content provider.


The content provider agrees to write an article containing at a minimum the number of words selected for purchase and paid for by the purchaser based on the content pricing scale at the time of purchase. WLP agrees to conduct research as necessary for completion of the article. WLP will submit the finished article, with a title, upon completion of work.

The purchaser must designate a single point of contact to deal with WLP on project specifications and revisions. Two (2) free revisions to the project will be offered, after which revisions will be billed at $50 USD per hour. Revisions refer only to changes in specific pieces of the content and not to a change in the overall topic, voice, or scope of the work. Such large changes will be billed at $50 USD per hour.



The purchaser agrees to pay WLP an amount in USD as per the content pricing scale and as charged at checkout for the complete, finished work, which includes the written content and a headline.

The purchaser agrees to submit payment at the time of purchase, and submission of payment is considered an agreement to these terms. Orders may not be canceled once work has begun, at which point refunds will not be issued. White Label Press may opt to waive this clause under certain rare circumstances. 


Purchaser agrees to pay WLP for the aforementioned project in the form of the work upon final delivery. WLP maintains the rights to any work discarded or edited out of the final piece. The published material becomes the property of the purchaser with the purchaser owning the copyright.

It is agreed by both parties that all material prepared on a freelance/correspondent basis for the purchaser, is the property of the purchaser. In addition to owning the copyright for the print versions, the purchaser owns the copyright for all electronic versions of the custom content. Author relinquishes “all rights” to both electronic and print versions of the work as presented upon final delivery as commissioned and paid for by the purchaser.