Custom Content

Need a blog post, article, report, or book created just for you or your business? We can help! White Label Press can create just about any type of written content you could possibly want, on just about any topic out there. 

What's our secret? We charge a fair price for our content. That means that the words you pay for aren't just well written, they're well researched. The result is content that truly speaks to the reader regardless of subject or niche. That's something you just can't get from bargain basement writers that need to focus primarily on volume.

Our pricing structure breaks down as follows:

250 words - $75
500 words - $135
1000 words - $250
1500 words - $335
2000 words - $420
2001+ words - Quote on Request

Note: Price is for content only. Graphics, covers, layout, etc. not included.

What can you expect for these rates?

1) Content produced by professional writers: Your content will be written by professional, university educated, carefully vetted writers. We also do not outsource to or buy from content farms. 

2) A commitment to careful research: Your content will not just be slapped together or rehashed. It will be properly researched, and proper citations will be used where appropriate. 

3) Proofing and revisions: Your content will be carefully edited and proofed, and revised as needed to ensure that it's ready for publication as soon as it's delivered to you. 

4) A seat at the table: Your goals for the content we create for you are important, so we want your input. Do you have a certain voice you'd like used? Not a problem. A subtle message you'd like included? No sweat. UK English? Our pleasure. 

Ready to get started?

Visit our custom content page in the store to select your article length and tell us what you're looking for. If you'd like more than 2000 words, need graphics or layout in addition to content, or are interested in ongoing content creation, please give us a shout using our contact form.